Meet Liz

Liz is an NYC based strength and conditioning coach, specializing in the needs of camera operators, cinematographers and camera assistants. She is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Physical Therapy while transitioning out of a ten year career as a camera assistant in the film and television industry. Emphasizing sustainable approaches to training, rehab and nutrition, Liz’s integrated approach helps busy professionals reach their goals on a minimum effective dose.


Liz has been an inquisitive

lover of movement and learning since age 5. From a 15 year career in the martial arts, to competing as an amateur boxer and semi-professional road cyclist, Liz’s experience in athletics and her own struggles with injury have offered her a solid foundation on which to build a house of knowledge to help others learn how best to care for themselves.

At the center of this is one simple truth: the human body is highly adaptable. Give it the right inputs and it will give you the right results.