Client Stories

Liz Cash Strength and Conditioning is dedicated to meeting each client at their unique capacity, providing an optimal experience from which to grow, learn, and improve. 


Jendra Jarnigan

Director of Photography

I started training with Liz Cash to get my strength back after a long period of inactivity due to tendinitis in my wrist. After training with her for 6 weeks, I suddenly found myself camera operating full time on a very intense and physically demanding TV series with lots of handheld camerawork. There is no doubt in my mind that my body would not have been able to handle the demands of this job in the shape I was in 6 weeks ago when I started training with Liz.


Tom Wills

SOC - Steadicam Operator

I came to Liz needing help with an injury, as I knew she understood what I do as a Steadicam operator and why “take some time off” or “tone down the physicality of your work” isn’t always an option. She helped me work to heal my injury, and also found neuromuscular issues that I had been unknowingly dealing with my entire life. With her help, I’ve become stronger, more flexible, and she’s currently keeping me going between long weeks on the series I’m working on. I can’t recommend her enough



Camera operator

Jennie Jeddry is a professional camera operator who came to Liz Cash Strength and Conditioning with the goal of becoming a better, stronger handheld operator. As a former college rower, Jennie loves being coached and pushing her limits. The difference in results between simply working out and training for a specific goal are obvious after only a few months of training with Liz: she is getting stronger with consistency. Jennie is dedicated to protecting her health and the longevity of her treasured career with the help of Liz’s individualized strength training and nutrition. 



Focus puller

Niknaz is an International Cinematographer's Guild camera assistant who came to Liz on a mission to get strong, lean, and resolve a shoulder injury. Her results are a testament to her dedication. After losing 75lbs, she has become a model for others in the lasting causes of change: good nutrition, smart training, and identifying the "why" that drives you. 



During his teens and early 20s, Vasu was a competitive martial artist who suffered injuries, giving him chronic lower back pain. Vasu decided to seek professional coaching after years of being a daily bike commuter with no resolution to his injuries. Since beginning to work with Liz, Vasu's lower back pain has subsided, he has dropped body fat and built muscle. Vasu finds training with Liz also brings a level of safety, commitment and accountability.